Most parents today aspire for their child to be able to speak English confidently. We often meet parents of children as young as two or three, who say that proficiency in English, will help their child ‘get ahead in a globalised world’. In other words, the sooner their children get started, the better it is […]

How to make English fun for your kids?

  Childhood years are the most crucial in your kid’s life. This is the foundation that shape’s their future learning, growth and overall development. Children learn quickly during these years as their perceptions are fresh and due to brain readiness.This applies to learning a new language as well. Learning an extra language, especially a commonly […]

Common Grammar errors kids make and ways to correct them

‘Ma, the dog bited me because I eated his food.’   Learning to use English grammar accurately poses an enormous challenge to all non-native speakers, especially to younger children, who are perhaps still struggling with the mastery of the nuances of grammar in their first language. Accuracy in grammar is essential in formal speaking and […]